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Enhanced Agent/Supervisor Desktop
Enhanced Agent/Supervisor Desktop
  Customized agent desktop/environment with agent wallboard:  
  The agent desktop soft phone is re-developed from ground up using Cisco API's and is ready to incorporate innovative features.
The standard features include:
  Agent side wallboard showing the list of Skill Groups that the agent is configured into, number of call in the queue and the longest call waiting for each of those skill groups.  
  Agent to Supervisor text chat.  
  Easy access to Enterprise Call Data such as Type of call, Dialed number, CLI, etc.  
  Agent’s own real time statistics.
  Real time statistics for the Skill Groups that the agent is configured into.  
  Standard telephony functions such as make call, transfer and conference.  
  Standard Agent state changes such as login, make not ready (with or without reason codes), optional wrap up state and warp up codes and logout (with or without reason codes).  
  Improved layout for better look and feel, intuitive GUI which reduces the agent training time.  
  CLI display: Caller’s number is displayed to make it easy to read for an agent.  
  Time Of Call: Usually the agents need to see the time of the call on the Cisco IP Phone. Many a times it’s not practical hence this New feature enables the agent to see the information on the agent soft phone.  
  Provides customized reason codes for Not Ready as well as Logout.  
  On inbound call release, call get forwarded to an IVR script.  
  The Supervisor desktop softphone consists of all the agent features and the following:  
  List of agents in the team with their respective states and time in that state.
  Ability to force agent into ready state to answer calls (usually after a polite verbal/chat warning).
  Logout agents in the team.
  Barge-in: Participate in the conversation between an agent and the caller (3-way conference).
  Intercept: After Barge-in make the agent free to take the next call while continuing conversation with the caller.
  Silent monitoring an agent’s call.
Phonebook feature which one can find only in JAMS Supervisor desktops. This feature is available on dial, transfer and conference. Whenever the Supervisor wants to dial, transfer or conference a windows pops where supervisor can get all information related to agents. He can simply click on the grid to dial for an agent or input the number he wants to dial. It simplifies his work, in case he does not remember the agents extensions. First time the phonebook data is read from database and then stores it in the XML files. Thereafter whenever the ‘Dial’, ‘Transfer’ or ‘Conference’ button is clicked, it is the local file that is queried for the directory information, rather than a new ODBC query over the WAN every time.
  Provides a unique customized feature to view group of agents in a particular state. By using this feature supervisor can see agents who are in ready state, agents who are not ready state, etc on a single checkbox click.
  Supervisor can also keep track of the Not Reason codes, provided by the agents in the real time status grid.
  Provides customized reason codes for Not Ready as well as Logout.
  Provides the agent state to be tracked with different colors for different states. For e.g. if an agent is in not ready state then color under the Agent State column in the real time stats grid for that agent will be red.
  On inbound call release, call get forwarded to an IVR script.
  Customized agent desktop/environment for Cisco Outbound Option (Dialer)